Visiting the lab

The Derynck Lab is located in the Ray and Dagmar Dolby Regeneration Medicine Building, on the UCSF Parnassus Campus. For a map of the campus visit:

If you are coming to the lab, enter the Medical Sciences building at 513 Parnassus Avenue (directly across the street from Millberry Union). Take one of the M.S.B. elevators (located in a bay on the left) to the ninth (9th) floor. Exit from the elevator bay and immediately turn left. Walk down the long corridor until it forks at the entrance of the Health Science Buildings. Turn right, walk a few steps, and enter the elevator lobby to your left. The Regeneration Medicine Building (RMB) is accessible exclusively via footbridge from the 9th floor HSIR lobby. The RMB is a high-security building, so you will want to have valid identification; you can ask the security guard (in the booth at the end of the bridge) for directions. Please make sure to call ahead for an appointment!

Contact us by email

General lab inquiries, requests for reagents, reprints, etc. can be sent directly to Rik Derynck:

[email protected]

Rik Derynck's office is: RMB-1027

Contact us by phone

(Email is preferred)

Rik Derynck's office number: +1.415.476.7322

The phone number in the lab: +1.415.476.6081

The general lab fax number: +1.415.476.9148

Rik's administrative assistant is Tiffany Criger+1.415.476.9404

Contact us by mail

Derynck Lab
Department of Cell and Tissue Biology
University of California Campus Box 0669
35 Medical Center Way
San Francisco, CA 94143-0669